Balancing The Sales Pitch On Your Website

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When building a website for your small business, one thing in particular you may find yourself having a hard time with is the question of exactly what you should be doing in order to balance your sales pitch with a site that provides value to those who visit. After all, you definitely want to generate profits with your site – but you also do not want to chase people away from your site by making it seem like you are only bringing them your way to make money off of them!

Basically, there are two big mistakes people tend to make in their efforts to balance their sales pitch. Either A) They fail to even think about “covering up” their sales pitch, and because of this, people visit their site and see nothing but “sales pitch” – which causes them to leave right away – or B) they try so hard to cover up their sales pitch that they end up making no sales at all!

Of course, if you want to make sales with your small business website, you need to find the middle ground between these two extremes.

There are actually a lot of variations to the approach you can take in order to ensure that you are balancing “sales” with “a valuable website,” but the foundation of all these variations is the same: as you build your site, you need to realize that your primary goal with this site is to make money; at the same time, however, your secondary goal should be to make it appear as though your primary goal is really to provide value to your visitors! Some ideas of things you can do to accomplish this are for you to give your visitors information that will help them, tips that will guide them, stories that will entertain them, and so on! When you set up your site in such a way, you will entice readers to stick around – and by mixing in your sales pitch with one such site, you will make plenty of sales as well!

Of course, in order to fully succeed online, you need to first make sure you are focusing on search engine optimization – either hiring someone to do your SEO work for you, or (better yet) using WebFire to do your SEO work on your own in a straightforward and hassle-free manner. But even search engine optimization will not do you much good if you are bringing visitors to a site with a poorly-balanced sales pitch – so keep these tips in mind, and make your sales pitch as effective as it can possibly be!

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