Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing – What is it?

I am very often asked “What do you do for a living?” of course I say “Internet Marketing”. Then the question comes up. “What exactly is internet marketing?”

Many people think that internet marketing is only about teaching other people about how to market on the internet.

Teaching other people about internet marketing is not internet marketing unless that is what you sell; lessons and courses on internet marketing. You can find lessons and courses all over the internet that experienced internet marketers share or sell to new or less experienced internet marketers.

So what is it?

Internet Marketing is the process of advertising and selling goods online on the web. In my opinion, It doesn’t matter what you are selling, if you are doing it on the internet, you are doing internet marketing.

To make it basic for you.

What is marketing? Marketing is the process of promoting (advertising) and selling goods and services.

What is the internet? The Internet is vast computer network linking smaller computer networks. The internet, as you can see, has an extensive array of information and services, documents, etc., as part of its structure. It is what you know as the World Wide Web; websites.

What does this mean to you? This means you don’t have to be a genius or some great guru to be an internet marketer. You don’t have to know tons of SEO, how to use PPC, Adsense, etc. If you sell on eBay, or Etsy, or have your own website with products, you are an internet marketer already.

Internet Marketing also is not spamming. Many people think all internet marketers are spammers. This would mean anyone who sold anything on the internet is a spammer. This is not true. Spamming does occur by some internet marketers to make more sales, but it is not used by everyone that markets on the internet.

Some people think all internet marketers are scammers. That is also not true. Yes, scammers are out there so you need to be careful what you purchase. But you should be careful what you purchase in a brick and mortar store or over the phone too. If you watch the news you constantly hear of phone scams, so they do not occur just on the internet.

Brick and mortar stores; here is another example. Many brick and mortar stores also have a website to sell their products. Walmart, Target, etc., are online. Type in Walmart or Target into Google and you will see their store right at the top of the search engine page. In fact you can find more products on their website then you can find in the local store.

Also as you can see here, internet marketing is not just for the big guys such as Walmart and Target. Do a local search on Google for your local beauty salon, or pizzeria. Many small mom and pop stores are also on the internet.

In fact it is becoming common place for all types of business to have a presence on the internet and they should as computers and cell phones are now used constantly to find local places to go to or visit for goods and services. It only takes someone willing to sell their product and expand their company to progress and make more sales. The beauty of the internet is anyone; even a 20 year old kid can start doing business globally on the Internet. Many people, in fact, have accomplished this by just creating a blog (a web log; personal, discussion or information site) writing, selling ads and/or products.

Once upon a time, you had to be an established Fortune 500 company to do all of this. Now all you need is an internet connection in your living room and an eBay account, an Etsy account or a Blog to sell to people in China, Greece or England. Now, what are you waiting for?