Three Rules Of Affiliate Marketing

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Three Rules Of Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve spent a bit of time in affiliate marketing already – doing what you know to do to try to make some money from the comfort of your home – you may have come to the conclusion that affiliate marketing is difficult. While it is certainly true that affiliate marketing can be complicated and nuanced, however, the truth is further from “difficult,” and falls much closer to “easy to mess up.” But once you know some of the rules to follow, you will know the mistakes to avoid!

The very first rule is that you should make sure you are choosing to become an affiliate for something that people will actually purchase online. A lot of people pick a product through which they could make great money if anyone were buying it, but for which most people are only going to the Internet for research, and are actually purchasing in person.

While most people are aware of this first rule (or, at least, are able to figure it out in time), the second rule is one most people never figure out, and that is that you should be an affiliate for something through which you can actually make good money! Rather than trying to get people to buy something such as books on Amazon through your site – for which you will receive less than a dollar per sale – go for a high-end item that will give you a big commission for each sale made. Often, it is as easy to sell a single big item as it is to sell a single small item – especially because of the fact that there will be less competition for these big items – and you will make a whole lot more money when one of these sales is made.

And finally, you will not want to pick products at random and promote them “just because.” Pick products you actually know, trust, and care about, as this will come through in the manner in which you present these products, and will help lead to a lot more sales!

Each person must make their own path to success in affiliate marketing, but these rules will help you get the most out of your attempts to make money online!

Bring People Back To Your Site!

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If you are in charge of an affiliate marketing site, your first challenge will be doing what you can to get people to your site. After all, you cannot make any money through affiliate marketing if you are running a website that no one visits. But even after you have figured out what you will be able to do to get people to your site, you will need to also take steps to get people to come back to your site a second time (and a third time, and so on), as most people will not bring you money on their first visit, but they will bring you money if you can get them coming back!

If you are taking the proper steps to make money through affiliate marketing, you probably have a blog on your site, as a blog will enable you to create content on a regular basis – which is important for appealing to readers and search engines alike. And as you create content on this blog, you should also realize that content that is released in series will do a lot to encourage people to visit your site again, after they have left, as they will want to come back and find out what the next “piece of the puzzle” is in the series you are releasing.

Creating conversation on your blog – and keeping this conversation going – is going to be a major key to creating return visits as well. People typically frequent sites where they feel as though they are connected, or where they feel like they belong, and when you are able to create conversation on your site – between yourself and readers, and between readers and other readers – you will find that lots of these readers are returning to get another taste of this interaction and conversation.

And if you are hoping to branch out a little bit, you can also consider the idea of holding contests on your site on a semi-regular basis. Realize: running contests on your site does not need to cost you tons of money, either, as there are plenty of items you can give away that will not cost a fortune, and will still appeal to your visitors, so consider running contests on your site sometimes that require people to return in order to find out whether or not they have won, and you will notice that lots of the people who were on your site once are now on your site again.

More than likely, you have already applied search engine optimization to your site with the help of WebFire, in order to make sure you are getting everything you can out of your SEO, but as great as this is, there is more work to be done. Once you bring all this traffic to your site, figure out what you can do to keep this traffic coming back, and you will be on your way to enjoying the sort of success you have been hoping to enjoy on your affiliate marketing site!


Why Is Your New Website Failing?

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Why Is Your New Website Failing?

A lot of people end up in a position with their new website where they are stuck wondering why on earth the site is failing to generate any serious traffic or money. When people face this problem, their first thought is often that they should be selling a different product, or should be adjusting the fundamental basis of their site – but one thing to understand and acknowledge is that there are, in fact, others who are selling the same product you are selling, and are making great money doing so! Once you grasp this fact, you start to understand that your problem is not a “product problem,” but is instead a marketing problem!

The basic question you should ask yourself, if your website is failing, is this: “If I already had lots of regular visitors on my site, would my website be a monetary success?” If the answer is “Yes,” you can safely assume your problem lies not in the product, but in the pursuit of visitors!

Of course, patience will be a big key to achieving success with your website as well, and this is something that a lot of people lack. But once you are willing to have a bit of patience to wait for your results to come around, you will start to understand exactly why a complete understanding of search engine optimization will be vital for you to have.

In order to achieve success with your website, you will want to make sure you are A) learning as much about search engine optimization as you absolutely can, and B) are using the SEO tools on WebFire to help you to take advantage of the knowledge you have gained.

Once you start learning more about SEO and start applying the tools on WebFire, you can solve your “marketing” problem, and can start making money as a result!

Posting On Forums To Increase Web Traffic

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As you understand already, one of the most important things you will be able to do – in order to increase your ability to make money online – is figure out the things you can do to increase traffic on your website. And while there are a lot of various things you can do in order to reach this goal (including, of course, all forms of search engine optimization!), one thing you should make sure you are taking a look at is forum posting in order to increase traffic.

The first thing to look at, when it comes to forum posting, is exactly what effective forum posting looks like. Basically, your goal in posting on forums will be finding forums where people who use the forum will be interested in the things that your website focuses on, or the things your website offers. By finding such forums, you will be able to gain targeted traffic for your site.

Now, one thing to realize is that it is extremely important that your forum activity is providing true, genuine value. A lot of people use forums as a means to drive traffic, and they do so by simply inserting comments to get spotted by others…without worrying about whether or not these comments add any true value to the conversation taking place. When taking this approach, however, you will fail to gain the positive attention you are trying to gain, and will therefore fail to generate traffic in the manner you would like.

Instead, always aim to provide valuable information. Primarily, this is what people are on forums for – they sign up for forums and engage in conversations on forums in order to find high-quality information about specific topics. When you are able to be the one providing this information, you will be the one attracting traffic to your site!

Use effective forum posting in conjunction with your other online efforts, and you will be able to maximize the amount of money you are able to generate!

Are You Beating Your Internet Marketing Competition?

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When most people start a search engine marketing website, they do so without ever thinking of it as a “business.” Instead, they think of it as “something to do on the side,” or as “a good way to make some extra money,” and because this is the manner in which they are viewing their efforts, they also fail to take into account the fact that there are others who are also trying to make money online in the same areas as them – and these others are essentially “competition” in exactly the same way a business would face competition. And in order to succeed online, you need to know how to beat this competition!

Of course, the first area in which you will need to turn your focus – in order to succeed online – is search engine optimization. When you appeal to search engines, after all, you will increase the likelihood of people stumbling across your site, and will therefore increase the likelihood of achieving success. As important as SEO is, however, it should be viewed as one of the basic elements of achieving success – one of the things you can safely assume your competition is doing as well.

Another area that can be considered “basic” (even though more than half the sites out there fail to actually do this) is making sure you are going “where the people are” – which means using leads tools to find blogs and forums that center around the areas your site focuses on, and becoming active on these blogs and forums. When you do this, you will stir up extra attention for your site, and will therefore increase the traffic your site sees.

Beyond these two fundamental areas, however – the areas you should assume your competition is focusing on as well – the best way to take things one step further is by also becoming active on social media. Nowadays, people spend more time online using social media than doing just about anything else, and when you become active on social media as well, you can do that much more to heighten your ceiling of success!

As you construct your site, you will want to make absolutely certain you are doing the basic things – and in fact, one of the best things you can do, in order to accomplish these things without them taking up too much of your time, is to hook up with WebFire, where you can find all the SEO tools you could possibly need, including amazing macroleads and omnileads tools to help you find the right blogs and forums for you to spend time on – but even beyond these basic things, you will want to get involved in social media. In this way, you can move one more step ahead of your competition.

Converting Traffic Into Profits

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Converting Traffic Into Profits

The main thing that search engine optimization tends to focus on, of course, is traffic – and without a doubt, traffic is extremely important, as your website will never generate a dime if no one is visiting your website in the first place. In addition to traffic, however, another thing you are going to want to focus on is your conversion rate! After all, all the traffic you are receiving is not going to be any good if no one who comes to your site is purchasing your products – and so, here are a few things to consider doing in order to improve your conversion rate.

Consider value and purpose: When you are able to determine the value and purpose of the products you are selling, or of the site you are running, you will be in a better position to bring this value and purpose to the forefront of your site, and to convert more customers as a result. Know your value and purpose – and focus on bringing this to the forefront for visitors on your site.

Integrate links to other posts: One of the best things you can do on your website is figure out how to keep people on it for an extended period of time – and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by simply making sure there are lots of links on your site – pointing visitors on your site from one page to another. The more links you have on your site, pointing to other areas of your site, the more you will find that people are sticking around on your site for a long time (and of course, the longer people stick around on your site, the more likely they are to spend money – and to share your site with others!).

Optimize meta descriptions: And even though the meta description tag on your site is not going to affect your search engine ranking, it will sometimes be used as the snipped on search engine rankings pages – and because of this, it can increase your conversions to have a good description on there – something people will click on when they see it in a search engine rankings page, and that will lead them closer toward spending money on your site!

Keep these thoughts in mind, and you are sure to find that you are having a much easier time converting visitors to your site into sales from your site!

Answering Questions To Generate Traffic

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We have mentioned, a number of times, the fact that one great way to build traffic on your site is by answering questions away from your site. Of course, simply saying that – without any further explanation – can help get you started in using this traffic generation method, but we want to take a bit of time to explore this more in-depth, in order to truly help you leap forward down this path.

The first thing you need to understand, in order to do this, is exactly what we mean by “answering questions to generate traffic.”

Basically, there are a number of places online where you can go in order to answer questions. For instance, Yahoo Answers, Wikianswers, Quora, and even LinkedIn. In these places, you can find people who are in search of information, and you can then be the one to provide this information for them.

Why does this work? Well, for one thing, the person you provide help to will not only be grateful, but will also be likely to follow up by visiting your website and trying to find out more about you. While this, in and of itself, would be worth the effort you put in to answer questions, however, there is also another big advantage, which is the fact that the questions themselves will often rank highly on search engine rankings pages. And this means that – if you are able to provide a valuable answer to the question asked – this answer will continue generating traffic to your site for years to come!

In order to do this, the first thing you need to do is ask yourself what, exactly, you are an expert in. In what areas will you be able to effectively answer questions? And then, you need to find questions in these places you will be able to answer them – and you need to answer them. That’s it!

Once you start doing this, you will see your traffic gradually rise…and this steady stream of traffic, from simply answering questions, will keep flowing your way for years to come.

Create Online Traffic Through Link Building

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Create Online Traffic Through Link Building

As you are surely aware by now (that is, assuming that you have been keeping up with the blog, and have been learning all the little things there are to learn about search engine optimization, search engine optimization software, and making money online), one of the most valuable elements of search engine optimization is links. When you receive a link from a site, search engines will view this link as a “vote of confidence” from that site – and when you receive a link from a high-ranking site, this will give your website a significant boost. Even beyond the manner in which links relate to search engine rankings, of course, there is also the fact that links will send traffic directly to your site.

Of course, knowing that links are important and actually knowing how to build links are two different things. And for this reason, the next few days’ worth of posts are going to focus on the things you can do in order to build links online.

Basically, what you need to understand about building links online is that the more difficult it is to gain the link, the more valuable that link will probably be. For example: if you receive an email informing you that you can buy thousands of links at once, this is probably not going to be a great way to get links that are actually going to help you!

If, on the other hand, you decide to target a link from a site that has a lot of traffic, and that is similar to your site – and over time, you manage to build a relationship with the person who runs this site, to a point where they are gladly sending a link your way – this will be worth a whole lot more than those thousands of purchased links.

And so, it is immensely valuable to take the time and build links to right way, as you will soon find yourself in a position where you are benefitting from these links, and are making a lot more money online as a result!

Appeal To Search Engines & Users Alike!

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Appeal To Search Engines & Users Alike!

If you are working with a website for your small business, you are probably fully aware of the fact that you need this site to appeal to search engines. Understanding that your site needs to appeal to search engines, however, does not mean that you will necessarily know what you must do in order to make this happen!

Furthermore, any website in general – and a small business website in particular – is all about appealing to the people who visit the site. And in all the kerfuffle of attempting to figure out what to do in order to appeal to search engines, a lot of people end up completely forgetting to also make sure they are appealing to visitors!

The first thing you are going to want to do, in order to appeal to search engines and users on your small business website is create your content around no more than two or three primary keywords. (Actually, the first thing you are going to need to do is make sure you are consistently creating content – but hopefully this is something you are doing already!) A lot of small businesses come up with so many keywords that they want to focus on within the fabric of their site – thinking that this will help them appeal to lots of searches – that they really end up appealing to no searches, and end up appealing to even fewer visitors. When, on the other hand, you narrow your primary keywords to two or three, you will have great continuity on your site, and will have a great chance of ranking for these keywords.

The next thing that will help is for you to break up each piece of content you create into sections. By doing this – as opposed to creating each piece of content so that it flows like a continuous thought – you will give search engines and even better idea of what they should look for in this content, and you will make it even easier for visitors on your site to grasp everything you are telling them.

And finally, you will want to make sure each piece of content on your site leads to other content you have created. By so doing, you will keep visitors on your site longer, will increase the likelihood that they will share your content with others, and will increase the chances of search engines paying close attention to your site!

Of course, the best thing you will be able to do to truly make your small business website succeed is to team up with WebFire and the host of SEO tools we provide – and to take full advantage of all the tools available. But even as you do this, you are going to want to make sure the content you create appeals to search engines and users alike – and you will be able to accomplish this by following these tips.

Balancing The Sales Pitch On Your Website

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When building a website for your small business, one thing in particular you may find yourself having a hard time with is the question of exactly what you should be doing in order to balance your sales pitch with a site that provides value to those who visit. After all, you definitely want to generate profits with your site – but you also do not want to chase people away from your site by making it seem like you are only bringing them your way to make money off of them!

Basically, there are two big mistakes people tend to make in their efforts to balance their sales pitch. Either A) They fail to even think about “covering up” their sales pitch, and because of this, people visit their site and see nothing but “sales pitch” – which causes them to leave right away – or B) they try so hard to cover up their sales pitch that they end up making no sales at all!

Of course, if you want to make sales with your small business website, you need to find the middle ground between these two extremes.

There are actually a lot of variations to the approach you can take in order to ensure that you are balancing “sales” with “a valuable website,” but the foundation of all these variations is the same: as you build your site, you need to realize that your primary goal with this site is to make money; at the same time, however, your secondary goal should be to make it appear as though your primary goal is really to provide value to your visitors! Some ideas of things you can do to accomplish this are for you to give your visitors information that will help them, tips that will guide them, stories that will entertain them, and so on! When you set up your site in such a way, you will entice readers to stick around – and by mixing in your sales pitch with one such site, you will make plenty of sales as well!

Of course, in order to fully succeed online, you need to first make sure you are focusing on search engine optimization – either hiring someone to do your SEO work for you, or (better yet) using WebFire to do your SEO work on your own in a straightforward and hassle-free manner. But even search engine optimization will not do you much good if you are bringing visitors to a site with a poorly-balanced sales pitch – so keep these tips in mind, and make your sales pitch as effective as it can possibly be!