SEO Services

If you are the owner of a small business, and you are wise enough to have a website for your small business, one term you have probably heard a lot is “SEO,” or “search engine optimization”; in fact, you may even have a basic, somewhat-muddled and confused understanding of what SEO entails, but what you may be lacking is an overview of what SEO really is. And if your website has failed to bring you the level of results you would like to see – and especially if you have been paying a company to run your website for you, and you would like to get the same (or better) results while spending a lot less money – you will want to understand what SEO is all about.

First off, SEO is all about telling search engines what is on your site; realize, after all, that search engines are not going to be able to “see” exactly what it is you are trying to rank for – but when you know how to optimize your site for search engines, you will be able to give these search engines a clear indication of exactly what your site is all about, and what you are trying to rank for. In order to “tell” search engines this information, you are going to be using tags – from keyword tags to title tags to heading and alt tags – all of which are things visitors to your site do not see, but search engines do.

Secondly, search engine optimization is all about putting fresh content on your site; when you create unique content on your site regularly (hint: on a blog, or in a “news and articles” section), you will give readers constant opportunities to share your site with others (which will help quite a bit in search engine optimization), and will give search engines new pages to rank, as well as a reason to “crawl” your site on a regular basis.

Thirdly (as much as people hate to hear it), SEO is all about patience! Most people kick off their SEO efforts thinking they will start to see huge results right away, but while this can be the case on rare occasions, it will typically take a little while for all the hard work you are investing to finally pay off in the form of top rankings.

And finally, SEO is about the results you are chasing: that is, new visitors to your site that you can turn into new customers!

In all actuality, there is no reason for you to pay a company big bucks to run your website, or to do your SEO for you; all you really need is WebFire and our extensive and powerful SEO tools!